LAS-XD 970 實驗室測量設備清單/ The list of measurement equipments in LAS-XD 970 Laboratory

電子盤秤 T – 1000

Electronic scale T1000

Mã/ code: 399

稱量物料樣品/ Weighing Specimen

彈簧式壓力計, 量程 0-60 mpa (準確度0.25) 

Spring pressure gauge, range 0-60Mpa

樁𦸀的檢測/ Completed pile testing


Strain gauge, range 0-50 mm

椿基的檢測/ Completed pile testing

數顯頂擊式標準振篩機 ZBSX- 92


Finished grain screening machine ZBSX-92

水泥標準凝結時間測定儀 ZC-LA


Concrete setting time machine ZC-LA



勃氏透氣比表面積儀 DBT- 127


Test the fineness of cement DBT-127

雷射感應紅外線溫度計CENTER 350



Electronic thermometer CENTER 350

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